Bulletproof backpacks

As a fairly new concept, kids bulletproof backpack panels are gaining popularity after the recent swell in school shootings. If you are one of those very protective parents looking to take care of your children in every way possible, even when they are not in your direct supervission, then there are a few things to consider. First of all is that you want to make sure the backpacks armor rating is a level III. This means that it protects against nearly all projectiles fired from a handgun (the most comment used firearm in shootings of all kinds). Second, there are plenty of products on the market and some have special features. Most are just worn like a normal backpack with an armor plate built inside, while others offer a bit more protection by having two armor plates and the ability to spread open to protect both the front and backsides of your kid. For backpack armor to work it must be worn, so make sure you have a conversation with your child on how to use the backpack properly to provide the most protection possible, even practicing possible scenarios and making sure your child knows how to act and will have the proper gear plus knowledge in order to offer them the highest level of reasonable safety available. As the market evloves and these bulletproof backpack panels gain larger market shares we can expect to see more innovations offering higher and higher standards while making them lighter and stronger so that even the smallest of children can wear them everyday. Finally, you may want to consider one for yourself as an alternative to a briefcase or laptop bag, sort of a practice what you preach situation, because every member of your family is imortant, from you yourself all the way down to those kindergartners just starting their educationAL careers.