What is it like to live in Quebec?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Quebec, about its rich culture, cuisine, quality and lifestyle, it goes without saying that Quebec attracts thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, but despite all the good things that are said, whether you go as a tourist or on the other hand you want to migrate permanently, when you ask the locals, you will almost always receive the same answer, “get ready”.

It is highly recommended not to travel to Quebec blindly, you must first know how much work there is, in which areas the work is heavily fought and which areas are dominated by the locals. In addition, your French must be very good, as it is the predominant language, without speaking about English.
Also consider how much it costs to rent or buy a property and if you can afford it. And finally, know well what is the culture, manners, thoughts and behaviors, because they could turn out to be incompatible with you.
What are some known advantages of living in Quebec?
The first and in my opinion the most important, its tranquility and security, for many is a great reason that accompanied by the beauty of the city, it convinces them immediately.
The variety of visas offered, although they are not exclusive to the city, Canada offers a wide variety of benefits for residences due to the interest of bringing young and hardworking people to the country. And finally its great cultural variety, since it is the city that’s in seventh place in the list of cities that house more immigrants you should not be impressed to find so much diversity in its citizens.
What are some disadvantages of living in Quebec?
For starters, paying taxes on time is a must, this is very supervised and you could go to prison if not. The other thing is that the market has a lot of competition, university students graduate from prestigious schools and speaking two languages fluently.
Beyond that, there are no other known reasons for not moving to this beautiful city.