The gun industry

The gun industry began many years ago with the discovery of gunpowder comprising of potassium nitrate and charcoal. The industry has grown despite criticism from different sectors around the world. The industry has some of the best organizations in the world producing popular and reliable products both for police, military or personal usage. Shooting sports emerged with the legalization of personal guns ownership.

Things you did know about the top gun manufacturers running the multi-billion dollar industry.

Smith & Wesson.
This gun manufacturing company is among the oldest in pioneering gun products. Its products are the best in terms of durability, quality, and performance. It has various firearms such as revolvers, rifles, gaming pistols among others. The guns have been used in several shooting competitions and winning the games.

Remington Outdoor.
This inc is well known for producing military guns, shoots sports, law enforcement and even self-defense guns. Its gun portfolio includes Bushmaster Firearms, Dakota Arms, The Parker Gun, Nesika and Stormlake. It is good to know it was founded in America back in the year 2007.

Sturm, Ruger &Co.
It is one of the richest gun manufacturing company in the United States. It has the first position in rifle manufacturing and the second in the pistol. The company recorded a net profit of $114.9 million in the last financial year. It was founded in the US back in the year 1949 by the co-founders William B. Ruger and Alexander McCormick Sturm.

SIG Sauer.
The company has recorded a high profile by offering the best sport guns. Modern technology has been embraced by this company following its massive research on firearms production. It is well reputed due to its responsible marketing strategies that entail training its customers how to responsibly use the guns.

Heckler and Koch.
The products from this gun making company are world-class brands due to its enormous innovation thus producing durable, reliable and high-quality guns. It is good to know that the company designs weapons and sports guns for commercial usage, sporting marketing among others. It is located in Germany where the manufacturing is done with other subsidiaries in the US.