Gun names

The following are the top list of most popular gun names: 

(a) FN FUSION AUTOMATIQUE LEDGER(FAL) -designed by Belgium, good for battles used mostly during the world war. It is 41 inches long and 4.3 kg


c) AK -47( AUTOMATIC KALASHNIKOVA)- made in the Soviet Union and it is operated using gas.

d) UZI- Recognized in the 1950s manufactured by IMI.

(e) RHEINMETALL MG 3- this is a German gun that was discovered in 1960. It is 43.2 inches long.

(f) TRACKING POINT GUNS- it is invented in America, and it involves a lot of engineering because of its precision.

(g) GLOCK 45 GAP (GLOCK AUTOMATIC PISTOL)-it overpowers 45 ACP because of its design. It is short in additional, was created by Ernest Durham, who is from, Europe.

(h) M 4 CARBINE- it started servicing from 1994 until to date, it can shoot, or its range is up to 500 meters.

(i) DESERT EAGLE MARK XIX PISTOL- it is a small pistol, it fits in one hand, and its firing range is 200 meters. Was invented in the United States then went ahead and got resigned in Israel. Was mostly used in movies for its light weight and portability, it is still a favorite gun that which is embraced and used widely. The best thing is that you can maximize it as you wish. It measures 10.75 inches long and has a height of 6.25 inches. It is black in appearance with the advancement of the usage designed which you can change it. While using it to shoot one hand is quite comfortable because of how small it is.

(j) HECKLER AND KOCH Hk-416- this gun is from the Heckler and Koch Company which is German which started making guns in 1959.

(k) M16 A4 -designed for the United States Army. It is a lighter version of M-16. It was invented in 1959 by Eugene Stoner and L. James Sullivan.